Break on Through (To the Other Side)

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Bird, Bird, Bird is the Word

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Ride My Seesaw

By Cocktailsfor2


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Are You (Indy) Experienced? Have You Ever Been (Indy) Experienced? Well, I Have…

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Yet another interview for Rumbunter, this time with Pirates’ prospect Tony Sanchez:

An Interview With The Relentless Tony Sanchez

Non-stop Tony Sanchez took some time this week to talk with Cocktailsfor2

Author: Cocktailsfor2


You know a lot about Tony Sanchez already. Born May 20, 1988, in Miami… Oldest of two children… All-County three times in high school… Led Boston College in BA, H, HR, RBI, SLG and OPS as a Sophomore… As a Junior, finalist for the Johnny Bench Award, first BC player named to the All-ACC first team, threw out the most runners in the ACC, had 22 multi-hit games…First Round Draft Pick, #4 overall… batted .309 with 48 RBIs in 48 post-draft games with three Pirates affiliates his first year as a pro…Broken jaw, missed a large part of last season, drank Chef Boyardee through a straw…

What you may not know about Tony is that he is relentless. In his first MLB camp with the Pirates, he told Chuck Finder [about people and pundits who took the team to task for selecting him fourth overall],”It kind of fueled the fire, yeah. There are always going to be doubters, and you’re always going to have critics. If you just go out there and play the game, you’ll end up having them on your side. It just takes time.”

Pirates’ President Frank Coonelly said of Tony, “[W]e are extremely excited about Tony Sanchez and what he brings to the organization. He is a tremendous leader with an outstanding work ethic and high character.”

Even earlier this year here at Rumbunter, Tom said, “Remember, this guy worked his ass off to soar up the draft boards when he was in Boston College. It doesn’t appear he has stopped working since.”

In talking to Tony Sanchez, you get the feeling that he’s out to accomplish something, and he isn’t going to sit still and wait for that something to come to him. He speaks all in a rush – unhesitatingly, as if he’s grabbing the words out of the air and throwing them out with the ease that he grabs a Bryan Morris fastball and fires it to second to snare an attempting base stealer.

And Tony’s as exciting to speak to as he is to watch as a player: sharp, focused, but always, always, having fun. Even if you can’t see him, you can hear the smile on his face as he speaks. His laughter comes easy, and his excitement for the game – and life in general – is always right beneath the surface, ready to come up and overtake him if not held in (loose) check. I spoke with Tony last week before an Altoona Curve home game. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

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More sports-related writing…

Another piece I did for Rumbunter, which appeared on April 17. As he usually does, Tom Smith (owner of the site) did the photoshops, this time based on my suggestions:

So, You Want To Be A Major League Beat Writer?

Rob Biertempfel is the Pittsburgh Pirates beat writer. He took some time to speak with Cocktailsfor2 recently about one of the best jobs on the planet.

Author: Cocktailsfor2

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Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball – Some Related Thoughts

The following is a column I wrote for RumBunter, a website devoted to Pittsburgh Pirates baseball. The graphics are done by Tom Smith, who owns and runs the site:

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Here – I’m writing, see?

Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall, ninety-nine bottles of beer, until I find something to write about, ninety-eight bottles of beer on the wall…

Nobody’s wokkin’, wokkin…

…a friend of mine in Southern California tells me he’s having a helluva time finding a good Chinese restaurant. Because nobody woks in L.A.


I love a good sneeze. Two or three in a row is just divine. After that, it gets kind of annoying.